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A research team from College of Science at University of Diyala records new types of genes in the gene...

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Updated   02/01/2018 9:05 PM

A research team from the Biology Department, College of Science at University of Diyala, which has included Prof. Dr. Hadi Rahman Rasheed, M.S.c current student Zmen Atiya Sabah, Biological Yasser Qais Mohammad and Biological Basam Hazim Ata, has recorded a sequence of the Nitrogen bases for the gene 16S rRNA for two isolates of the type Escherichia coli that was isolated from the urine of children who have urinary tract infection. These isolates has been subjected to molecular characterization in the database at the World Bank of Genetics (NCBI).


The Accessions Numbers were obtained for the recorded isolates in NCBI where they they are Lc278375 and Lc278376. Thus, this recording is the first of its kind in Iraq and serves as a scientific precedent for both College of Science and University of Diyala. The analysis of sequence of the Nitrogen bases was performed using the Blast program and by using sequences for the global breeds recorded from different parts of the world.


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