Department of Computer: An overview on the Department

The Department of Computer Sciences was established in 2002 and accepts students graduated from the secondary schools (scientific discipline) and grants the graduates a Bachelor degree in computer sciences. The graduate is capable of working as a programmer in various state and private sector institutions and also capable of perusing his postgraduate study. The total number of graduates up to the academic year was 435 graduates. 


     It is important to mention that the life is running by exchanging information via the communications and the nowadays scientific advancement is due to the advancement of the information-communication technology and consequently, the Department of Computer Sciences becomes a necessity for science in general and for the College of Sciences, specifically. The Department of Computer Sciences provides information about computer and information technologies according the world curricula (IEEE-ACM) that have been approved by His Excellency the Minister of the Higher Education and Scientific Research and also by the Committee of the Deans of the Colleges of Sciences.


     The academic cadre of the department is very capable cadre whom graduated from various countries such as USA, UK, China, Turkey, India, in addition to the Iraqi universities. The graduates of the department have got an appreciation from the Iraqi and foreign universities for their scientific levels that enable them to get Masters and PhD certificates. The department adopts the semester system and uses the best and modern presentations technologies such as smart boards, electronic screens and data-show equipments. The department has four modern laboratories and three air-conditioned classrooms and hopes to establish the postgraduate studies.


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