Department of Computer: Mission, Vision and Objectives



  1. Advancement of the provided scientific levels via the academic staff and also the curricula, teaching methods, training, and the available learning resources. This advancement should match with that happening in the field of information technology and its applications to the extent  which ensures graduating cadres that capable of satisfying the needs of the labor market
  2. Focusing on strengthen the applied studies that linked with the development of the programming systems.
  3. Make a balance between the number of enrolled students and the available resources such as the classrooms, laboratories (practical training), academic staff, and the library.
  4. Providing a curriculum that gives the students the opportunity to choose from ultiple disciplines in order to provide graduates that have varied and diverse specialized scientific backgrounds and this has been implemented via the modern curriculum (ACM-IEEE) applied in the department.
  5. Implant the values and the moral and social ideas among the students to be eligible to interact positively with the community and to lead it for the better.
  6. Development of training programs that aim to raise the level of the use of computers in various fields and to allow citizens to take advantage  of these courses (courses in computer skills and courses in computer networks through the modern network laboratory at the department).
  7.  To provide advice and technical support to the various sectors of society.
  8. To contribute actively in the activities of the Advisory Office of the College of Sciences.
  9. Organizing workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences in collaboration with specialized institutions to raise concerns about how to use the information technology in the service of society. 
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