Department of Chemistry: An overview on the Department

     Due to the tremendous development in the fields of chemistry, the Department of Chemistry  was established  at the College of Sciences, Diyala University in 2002 for the purpose of preparing a dedicated staff in the field of chemistry to suit the needs of the country. Since its establishment, The department was keen to prepare graduates of a premium quality and a high level of academic background that combines basic knowledge and skills required in order to enable them to meet the needs of contemporary society.

     The Department of Chemistry is keen on establishing  mental excellence among students and an emphasis on modern knowledge in the different fields of chemistry with adhering at the same time maintaining the ethics and professional values. Accordingly, the department focused on the development of individual skills and experience of the student to achieve the best future career, and by this the department contributes in the  performance of academic message carried out by the College of Sciences through the University of Diyala. 

     The department is very keen in establishing a scientific relationships with many foreigh universities to exchange experiences and know the updates in the scientific research and curricula. The department is always seeks to find opportunities outside Iraq for the assistant teaching staff and assistant lecturers to do their studies and also to send many staff members for academic missions at the foreign universities.

The department has a number of laboratories for the undergraduates in addition to the research laboratory. The establishment of postgraduate studies has been approved for the academic year 2014-2015 and the approval has also obtained for the establishment of night school for the current academic year (2013-2014). 


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