Department of Chemistry: Mission, Vision and Objectives

    The Mission 


The mission of the Department of Chemistry is an integral part of the mission of the College of Sciences which is working hard to make use of the science and knowledge resources and to provide the community with scientific cadres, that have the ability to solve scientific problems that we face in order to serve our beloved Iraq which is in an urgent need for various scientific and knowledge disciplines such as chemistry which form the core of the developed communities via opening horizons of cooperation with institutions and various governmental departments in order to estimate the real need of the community for the research which should solve many health, environmental and industrial problems that face our beloved country.

     The department also focuses on creating a spirit of research integration through the establishment of research teams for various disciplines of chemistry which have distinguished lines of research with a clear vision towards the problem in order to solve it. The mission also seeks to work diligently and faithfully to perform the teaching tasks to provide qualified graduates, practically and scientifically, to service the community.




  1. Preparation of specialists familiar with the basics of chemistry, theoretically and practically and able to meet the needs of the labor market in addition to teaching chemistry to students of other departments at the College of Sciences and some other colleges at the university.
  2. Do scientific research and to keep up with the scientific development in chemistry.
  3. Cooperation with the state institutions and the private sector through the provision of scientific advice and counseling and performing chemical analyses (tests).




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