Department of Physics: Mission, Vision and Objectives

The Vision


The department to be a vital field both scientifically and socially in order to do its tasks as a good teaching and research medium in all branches of the field of physics to serve the local market and to be prepared to meet the human right to learn the science of physics both theoretically and practically and to enable him to compete for the right to get the job and then to contribute in the advancement of the community through:


  1. Providing the laboratories and provide them with the basic needs.
  2. Providing the laboratories with equipments and devices necessary for the teaching process.
  3. Providing the laboratories with research devices to encourage the academic staff to do research.
  4. Enrich the department’s library with books and updated journals.
  5. Strengthening the teaching cadres with academic staff with different disciplines of physics.
  6. Follow-up the maintenance of appliances and equipments of the department.
  7. Provide the classrooms needed for completing the teaching programs.
  8. Providing the classrooms with all requirements for the lecturing process.
  9.  To encourage the academic staff to do scientific research in order to highlight their achievements.
  10. Providing Internet lines for staff and encouraging students to use the Internet centers for scientific research purposes.
  11. Raising the level of the teaching staff in using the computer.
  12. Encourage the teaching staff to learn foreign languages.
  13. Provide opportunities for the teaching staff for training and communications inside and outside the country.
  14. Updating the curricula and put advanced plans for that.
  15. Study of the local market and try to meet their needs via establishing new specialties within the curriculum.
  16. Development of the actual ability of the student via establishing new programs of scientific experiments.
  17.  Organizing seminars and workshops to raise the scientific level and team work mechanisms.




  1. To meet the needs of the state and the society of scientifically qualified graduates in the field of physics in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  2. Provide scientific researchers equipped with the right parameters of the scientific research in order  to serve the scientific research and technical progress in the country.
  3. Provide qualified academic staff capable of working in the higher education institutions and able to promote the scientific and educational process.
  4. Provide distinguished graduates for postgraduate studies in order to contribute effectively in the fields of research and  solving both  scientific and technical problems.


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