Department of Biotechnology:Mission, Vision and Objectives

College of Sciences   |   University of Diyala

Biotechnology Department



To establish scientific cadres provided with both theoretical understanding and practical training in the field of Biotechnology and then the contribution of these cadres to work in both official and non-official agricultural, industrial, and health institutions.



To establish specialized cadres in the fields of Biotechnology and provide them with updated information in the various fields of the contementary life such as plant biotechnology in order to get a full benefit of the plant products, genetically engineered living organisms, medical biotechnology, production of pharmaceutical compounds, environmental reclamation in order to get rid of air, soil, and water pollutants, and to use the genetically engineered microorganisms for the production of materials with biological values.



  1. Provide the required cadres in Biotechnology to work in the industrial, agricultural and medical state institutions.
  2. Provide the scientific and technical consultations for both private and mixed sectors.
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