Department of Mathematics: Mission and Vision

The Mission 


  1. Consolidate the role of the college towards the promotion the theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with the religious and moral standards, social and cultural life of society.
  2. Supply the student with the modern knowledge assets and methods of advanced scientific research, the lofty values, development of a student's personality as to be able to innovate and challenge, leadership, self-learning, teamwork and competition locally, regionally and globally.
  3. Curriculum development and updating in the light of contemporary global trends and be subjected to periodic evaluation according to international standards, taking into account local market needs.
  4. Effective participation in the development and advancement of learning level of society and to do scientific research through the planned use and the continuous development of scientific capabilities, resources, research and administrative capacities in the college.
  5. Preparation of specialized cadres for different professions in the community and preparation for future disciplines.
  6. Strengthen disciplines in the departments and centres of excellence in the college.
  7. Strengthen cooperation between our college and other colleges and the scientific research centres in the community at the local, regional and global levels.
  8. Activating the role of the private units in order to provide research and advisory services to various institutions of society and the positive contribution in solving the problems of the community and provide insights into national issues.
  9. Strengthen research centres of private nature in accordance with a contract basis between the college and its academic staff and the beneficiaries.
  10. Encouragement of the continuing education, self-learning and distance education technology.
  11. Integration of the concept of comprehensive quality and continuous improvement in the educational system and research within the college.


The Vision


  1. Graduating scientific cadres, effective and distinctive theoretically and practically and according to Islam morals.
  2. Advancing the scientific research process and encouraging the innovative research.
  3. Providing stimulating academic environment for intellectual, scientific and research creativity.
  4. Attaining the academic accreditation nationally and globally.
  5. Optimal investment of resources and potentials of the university. 
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