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College of Science has got the first place among the colleges of the University of Diyala in publication...

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Updated   23/01/2016 6:11 PM

Within the program of celebration of University of Diyala on the occasion of the university's day, which was held under the which was held under the auspices of Mr. rector esteemed Prof. Dr. Abbas Fadhil al-Dulaimi on Monday, 04/05/2015, by the attendance of each counselor of the Prime Minister for education, Dr. Walid al-Hilli, counselor of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Sahib, Mr. governor of Diyala province, engineer Amer Al Mujamay, Mr. President of the Provincial Council, teacher Muthanna al-Tamimi, Diyala police chief, lieutenant general Jamil al-Shammari and Director General of  Diyala's Health, Dr. Ali Al-Tamimi. 
 Mr. President of the university gave his thanks and appreciation for advanced colleges in the field of scientific research, and college of Sciences has ranked first at Diyala University in terms of publication of the reputable scientific research in global journals that have impact factors.
On this occasion, Mr. Dean Esquire, assistant professor Dr. Tahseen Hussain Mubarak forwards the warmest congratulations and blessings to the lecturers, staff and students of our dear college on this other achievement, which is added to the series of achievements of our college in the field of scientific research outside Iraq.
Also he extends the thanks to all the teaching staff, who have contributed to this achievement, who have published several research for each teacher during the past year, and until now from all of the scientific titles. 
As well as he asks all the teaching staff to be like their colleagues in publishing in global sober Journals in order to our college stays at this rank in the coming years, so, congratulations to our college this honor

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