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An employee at College of Science, University of Diyala participates at the summer school of mathematics...

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Updated   02/01/2018 9:09 PM

An invitation of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences wsa sent to the researcher Duaa Ahmed Jassim from Mathematics Department, College of Science at Diyala University to participate at the works of East Asia Research School of Mathematics, which was held in July 1-13 in Zanjan province in Iran titled Topic in Analytic and Transcendental Number Theory. Those works were organized by the Institute in cooperation with the International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics (CIMPA).


The aim of the school, which involved 58 researchers from Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Rome, India and Iran, was to introduce new research topics in Number Theory for international students and researchers in mathematics area. It is worth mentioning that University of Diyala represented by College of Science had participated and sponsored this school in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


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