The Dean’s Message


       Name:Assist. Prof. Dr. Tahseen H. Mubarak      

       Major: Applied Physics      

       Specialization: Materials Physics      



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Welcome to the heart of Diyala University, the College of Sciences, which was decided to be established in 2001 with only two scientific departments, Mathematics and Biology, and when we say the heart of the university we mean that the date of its establishment was in the middle of the other university colleges. Moreover, it is the heart of the scientific colleges due to its pure specialties and also it includes communication language between sciences, which is the mathematics. The college has quickly expanded to include five scientific departments by adding the departments of Computer Sciences, Physics, and Chemistry. The college jumped distinctive leaps and, in particular during the academic year 2011-2012 after we moved to the new buildings of the college as  the administrative, service and information infrastructures have been updated followed by the establishment of the sixth department (Petroleum Geology and Minerals) in the academic year 2012-2013 to meet the needs of the province.  For its continuing progress, the college established the postgraduate programs (Masters) at the Departments of Biology, Chemistry in addition to the Department of Physics. In addition, the Applied Sciences Consulting Bureau has been established in order to provide scientific services to the various departments of the province and the private sector to contribute to the comprehensive development of our country.        Our college has brought foreign companies to build a modern and advanced laboratories in most academic departments and supply them with modern scientific facilities which have been purchased from advanced global sources. Also, a major development has happened in the continuing education programs and courses held by the college, in addition to the large expansion in the scholarship program  to the extent that the postgraduate students of our college employees are distributed in the various countries of the developed world, including the United States,the United Kingdom, Australia and China ... etc. Moreover, the plans  of the quality assurance have been updated to keep pace with global trends in improving the performance.        As  a committee preparing this comprehensive guide, it pleases us after a hard work  to complete what we have planned, especially this directory has been done in this comprehensive  pattern and for the first time in the college. The members of the Committee have made a great job and efforts, according to the allocated duties, to offer with great pleasure the students who have been enrolled in our Iraqi Scientific edifice (College of Sciences / University of Diyala) and our distinguished guests a comprehensive guide to college during the academic year 2013-2014, the student handbook as well as the guide of the continuing education have been prepared and both of them are posted on the official website of the college.        I welcome you to our college which exceeded the first decade of its longevity if God willing, to continue as a symbol and a scientific institution in our province (Diyala), from which the young men and women from  all our beloved Iraq will get the science and knowledge  and to keep our doors wide open for all those who seek science. The students enrolled in our college will get the willingness to achieve the knowledge achievements and make a difference in our cultural, scientific and economic lifestyle based on professional and scientific standards adopted by college programs that provide a space for the student to build his/her independent critique thinking and develop their skills, so the students are equipped with the professional guide and learned the basics of learning for the whole life.        Our college supports and supplements the labor markets, state institutions and the private sector with many of the graduates that are equipped with various scientific and practical skills, and they have the ability to analyze scientific problems and find solutions to them, and they are contributing to the continued growth of knowledge among members of society.        We hope you will enjoy exploring more information through our websites, and we hope to go back to visit us as we are continuously updating our pages on the website with the latest information, and we are ready to receive your feedback and suggestions.   Assistant Professor Dr. Tahseen Hussein Mubarak Dean of the College of Sciences

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