The Vision and Mission

The Vision



For the college to be a beacon in the scientific knowledge and an integrated configuration to keep up with scientific and technical development and a leader in education and scientific research, the preparation of national cadres and leaders, development of human capacity to serve the community with the provision of stimulating and productive university environment in order to get a global classification.


The Mission



1.    Graduating scientific cadres, effective and distinctive theoretically and practically. 2.    Advancing the scientific research process and encouraging the innovative research. 3.    Providing stimulating academic environment for intellectual, scientific and research creativity. 4.    Attaining the academic accreditation nationally and globally. 5.    Optimal investment of resources and potentials of the university. 6.    The college should be a reference for scientific services in the region in particular and Iraq in general. 7.    We strive to be the best scientific college for education, learning and training.   

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