The Vision and Mission

The Vision



Our vision is for the college to serve as a leader in scientific research and education while producing graduates who can contribute to Iraq’s technological development. We strive to be respected among our peer institutions worldwide for our ability to create an academically stimulating and productive environment for both students and faculty.


The Mission



1. Produce graduates who are competent both theoretically and practically.

2.  Advance scientific research process and encourage innovative research.

3.  Provide a stimulating academic environment for intellectual, scientific, and research creativity.                                                                                        

4. Attain academic accreditation nationally and globally.  

5. Use resources strategically in order to optimize the college’s potential.   

6. Serve as a source for scientific services both in the region and in Iraq in general.

7. Strive to be the best scientific college for learning, training, and research in the region. 



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