College Objectives

College Objectives


1. Graduate highly qualified Iraqis in various scientific disciplines.   

2.    Teach students to exhibit professional behavior toward all members of society.

3.    Satisfy Iraq’s need for highly qualified academics and practitioners in the scientific disciplines.

4.    Study the labor needs in new scientific disciplines and work to fill them.

5.    Provide opportunities for graduates to pursue advanced study in fields of scientific specialization.

6.    Maintain communication with college of science/ University of Diyala graduates to evaluate and improve their competencies through comprehensive quality control programs.

7.    Encourage college of science graduates to take responsibility for continuous learning, self-development, and decision-making so that they can professionally develop and contribute to society.

8.    Cooperate with scientific colleges inside and outside of Iraq in order to enhance the quality of science education in the college.

9.    Organize internal symposia as well as local and international conferences to enhance the methods of science education in the college.

10.  Attain regional and international leadership status in education and scientific research.

11.    Contribute to the province by providing scientific consulting services as needed to entities in Diyala.



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